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The Mistake that is US (BL)

The Mistake that is US (BL)

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Zebby Jail By NyxRina Updated Oct 27, 2016

When life gives you lemons... the optimistic ones say... make lemonade/ ask for another/ or anything positive.
  But when life gave me lemons... it's in the force of a landslide!
  How can one miserable guy like me who has the name of a girl, the morbid  future of marrying someone I've never met before, the possible chance of getting thrown in jail in case I failed to pay a debt due in a month and the continued suffering from pain and annoyance in dealing with an obnoxious rich bastard who needs me to tutor him while balancing school, my part-time job, my dream career and everything that wants to bring chaos into my life?
  Lemons? Ha... Those are far sweeter than what I am going to go through right now. So if someone throws one at me right now... I'll simply throw it back at that person.
  And if everything I've said did not really explain what will happen... well... might as well just read on.
  A/N: Again, this is BL which I'll make more colorful with family issues, humor, angst, school life, work life and romance (and possibly anything possible to add in the mix). This will be very evident once we jump into the story proper so please wait patiently as I unravel my main character's story.
  Also, this is not a fanfic for Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi desu, I simply borrowed the picture. All credits about the picture belong to whoever created it and the story and all its characters wholly belongs to the amazing author, Nakamura Shungiku - sama.
  With that, I hope I get suggestions and helpful comments for further development of this story. So please comment/suggest/VOTE! =)

Lioncitygal Lioncitygal Jun 16, 2016
Story line good already. Looking forward to further reading full story... Thank you, great job!