The Pirate and The Prince (Hetalia: Arthur X Reader)

The Pirate and The Prince (Hetalia: Arthur X Reader)

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One day out of the blue you are invited to meet with the Prince and have dinner with him and the rest of the royal family, 

But what happens when everything goes wrong and pirates begin to swarm the place? 

Lmao sorry this intro sucks I was just so excited to start writing the book

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duckandowl678 duckandowl678 Aug 04, 2017
my dog that is called bella was sitting with me when i read this 😂
playful_mates playful_mates Jun 29, 2017
I do that when my dad yells too. He has the authority in my house next to my stepmom, her and I are cool I consider her my best friend and my other mother. My dads the alpha in our house he's scary when he's mad.😲😲
ZevonDenmark ZevonDenmark Dec 18, 2017
*Imagines Daniel Tigers Neighborhood and prince wensday, prince tuesday, and King Friday.
XOXOYukiXOXO XOXOYukiXOXO Nov 03, 2017
(Θ、Θ) how about...
CrystalPho3n1x CrystalPho3n1x Aug 21, 2017
Aw and the pirates is gonna be Arthur aka England the bad bad and very bad cooker.... -.-
anxious_cyn anxious_cyn Nov 02, 2017
So my sister has been replaced by a dog? Great!
                              (Bella is my sister’s name XD)