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If You Loved Me (Tadashi x Reader)

If You Loved Me (Tadashi x Reader)

161K Reads 9.9K Votes 33 Part Story
Mariah • Queen of BH6 By RioftheSouthernIsles Completed

Tadashi Hamada has been your best friend for years. Lately, you've been discovering that your feelings have changed. You want to tell Tadashi, but he's always busy. 
When you hear of an accident that has put Tadashi's life in jeopardy, you realize that you should've told him. Is it too late?

-I do not own any of the Big Hero 6 characters-

Nobody_1299 Nobody_1299 Dec 16, 2016
It..... hurts reading this 'cause you know his going to disappear.......and by disappear I mean......*whispers*die...also in this story I like him and......It just hurts me more
xLifescape_0709x xLifescape_0709x Aug 06, 2016
If you are a clumsy kid then clap your hands. *claps aggressively*
WoofmeansNo WoofmeansNo Aug 03, 2016
What is fitting in?
                              What is a social life?
                              What are these dreams you speak of?
That_one_minecrafter That_one_minecrafter Jul 11, 2016
Ha I don't have a social life. That's why I'm on wattpad 😂 because I don't have a life
pvachs pvachs May 31, 2016
just reading the second to last sentence made me want to drop out
Tadashi-is-here Tadashi-is-here Jun 17, 2016
Isabelle Wilson. Patrick wilsons wife cuz he's attractive duh