Just Another Lothario

Just Another Lothario

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Fofoaivaoese Ungor By FofoaivaoeseUngor Updated Dec 29, 2015

Smoke, ashes, burning flesh. That is what woke her. The smell. So foul, so wrong. She tilted her head as she stared out the smoke filled night. Something's burning, she thought. A scream echoed through the night that had her sitting upright. 

She peered out her bedroom window and looked down into the red filled street. There laid a car turned on it's side, flames licking the massive structure. The street itself was in chaos, crowded with civilians awakened by the startling embers. 

She spotted something along the broken window of the flaming vehicle. 

Blood. But something else was there. A small object that she couldn't make out. She squinted her eyes, trying to make out the mysterious object.

"Child, come here." She turned to the voice that had spoken and found Miss Sarah Bentley striding towards her. "What are you doing up?" She closed the window curtains shut. "That is no concern of ours. Now off to bed with you." Miss Bentley had grabbed her arm firmly and tugged her towards th...