Just Another Lothario

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Fofoaivaoese Ungor By FofoaivaoeseUngor Updated 2 years ago
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    Keira's job isn't easy. Especially when those around her seem to disapprove of it. Being the first woman guardian to exist, she finds herself having to better herself in order to be even tolerable amongst the people. This calm, collected woman will prove to everyone that she is more than fit to be Princess Sylvia's guardian. Especially to Ambrose.
    Ambrose is Prince Alexander's guardian. When he finds out that their Princesses guardian is a woman, he couldn't have been more outraged! He considers the girl a vile creature and a disgrace to his people. But will she change his view on her?
Very good and original. Please update soon though...... I'm willing to beg!
Great start-I actually gasped aloud when I saw the hand sticking out of the wreckage part. Wow. Nice-voted and put in my library
Nicely done, only spotted a few grammar errors and spelling mistakes
pretty good! Honestly, I din't like these types of stories but this wasn't bad! You had a few mistakes like 'strding' instead of 'striding'. Your details are very nice as well! Your writing flows very smoothly. Nice work.
This is very interesting. Unfortunately, this isn't my type of read. And Ashley Benson as Sylvia! I love her on Pretty Little Liars! Great work though! (:
Wow... Just wow... This intro was amazing :) this is some of the best writing I've read in awhile :)