Yes, Master

Yes, Master

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One of the worse things in the world is waking up on a Monday morning, and thinking it's Friday. Weekend just ended, yet your mind insists on telling you it's the last day of the week. Until you see the date on the calendar hanging across from your bed. That's how to start a really crappy Monday.

I had a history of crappy Mondays. My best friend, Alec, has made it a habit to bring me a cup of coffee and a doughnut every Monday. I love that guy I really do, I smile to myself as I dress for the day. He knows everything about me. Well, almost everything.

I'm a submissive.  I want to tell him, just so there's no more secrets between us, but I don't know what he'll think about it. A lot of people think BDSM is abuse, although it's quite the opposite. A BDSM relationship has more care and trust than most... "regular"... relationships. The partners care about each other's feelings above all else.

I go to brush my teeth and put on my makeup looking unhappily at the reflection in the mirror....

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PictureTheatre PictureTheatre Oct 15, 2016
So this is an old book I guess..... WELCOME TO 2016 COMMENTS
SilverFox241 SilverFox241 Nov 10, 2015
I hate it when people assume that like don't knock it till you try it!
R1nnWr1ght R1nnWr1ght Jul 21
Pretty sure this is how I met my first dom needless to say didn't turn out quite as planned though that was a very fun year