Fear Of The Unknown (Teen Wolf Fanfiction)

Fear Of The Unknown (Teen Wolf Fanfiction)

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Originally known as "the beta" but I'm doing some major major editing so I took down both books to edit them. 

Emily Parker is the popular cheerleader and dancer that is now moving from the large city if Boston to the small town of Beacon Hills California. She isn't quite sure what to expect even when she was born there but moved across the country at age 5. The first full moon makes Emily almost positive that there is a series of supernatural events happening in that town because she was born a werewolf herself. She has no idea what she is in for. Emily must figure out a way to help save the day with her new friends and some long lost family members.

Based on seasons 1 and 2 of teen wolf.  Sequel will follow 

*I guess I have to say that I don't own teen wolf or it's characters or it's plot lines so you readers don't sue me. *

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FanFic-Em FanFic-Em Aug 25, 2017
I know what I'm gonna say might sound crazy but I never actually expected there to be teen wolf fanfics since I'm so used to reading anime and Harry Potter ones
TheGreyMadness TheGreyMadness Aug 21, 2017
Why has none thought to trap the werewolves in mountain ash it's genius