Psychopath 1 ••J.J.K.      [COMPLETED]

Psychopath 1 ••J.J.K. [COMPLETED]

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......"the whole thing - the cries, the blood, the agony - gave me relaxation and a certain pleasure." ~Andrei Chikatilo

[1-7 = series / reincarnation- epilogue] 


This story contains allot of bloody situations, very sexual, violence, foul words and if you are sensitive readers that don't like any of these things I suggest you read something else. Not trying to be harsh but the story is called "Psychopath" for a reason. I cannot change my character bcuz it's already settled to that. Jungkook in this story is not affiliated with Jungkook in real life aside from his appearance....It's just a story guys ~ pls don't be harsh on

Uhm Yoongi whyyy
                              I've been imagining you becoming a vegetarian someday
tae_cup tae_cup 2 days ago
I feel like they all became Psychopaths because his father was one and he raised them like that.
--jjk-- --jjk-- 2 days ago
Should not have listened to gfreind glass bead while reading and writing
dastae dastae 6 days ago
Rest In Peace hoe , be lucky you weren't killed by yoongi's tongue technology bout to drop another cypher on you !