Psychopath 1.1 _____J.J.K.      (Completed)

Psychopath 1.1 _____J.J.K. (Completed)

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......"the whole thing - the cries, the blood, the agony - gave me relaxation and a certain pleasure." ~Andrei Chikatilo


- You must read the ORIGINAL PSYCHOPATH 1, however part 1.1 is what everybody started to read. (I have edited the titles) *i already uploaded one chapter. 
- you must read the first one to understand the sequel (The  Doctor) 
- First book will give you understanding of the family history and how they are all related because I literally just place them in stories out of know where huhu. 
- First story tells you why Lynn and Jungkook were together in the first place 
- It tells you the reason behind the ending of the series and why Jungkook did what he did.  (don't spoil ...pls) 

I apologize for having to make you guys read this weird ass story again but bare with me, because this story is far from over and I must get every ideas out to write a good story and plots hope you understand jellybunnies. 


This story contains allot of bloody situations, very sexual, violence, foul words and if you are sensitive readers that don't like any of these things I suggest you read something else. Not trying to be harsh but the story is called "Psychopath" for a reason. I cannot change my character bcuz it's already settled to that. Jungkook in this story is not affiliated with Jungkook in real life aside from his appearance....It's just a story guys ~ pls don't be harsh on me.p

Pwenguwin Pwenguwin Nov 24
Is this the first one? Cause i saw this after i read the 1st chapter of the other one😂
uhm sir you forgot to add because it would be alot more juicier to cut you with some meat inside of you pretty flesh