Incondite || Kol Mikaelson

Incondite || Kol Mikaelson

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incondite : badly put together -- Latin inconditus, from in- + conditus, past participle or condere to put together, from con- + -dere to put

Kol and Kellan were an incondite pair to say the least. Not only toxic, they were opposite people in every sense of their existence.
But there was something about her, and how her face has shown up to him so many times over the centuries when he needed her most.
And there was something about him, how he made her feel for the first time in a long time.
But there was a timer on her, a supernatural one that only brought her impending death.

|| season three & four ||

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Mikaelsons1864 Mikaelsons1864 Oct 24, 2017
Does that “epic game of darts” have anything to do with using a werewolf as a dart board?😂
smakpop smakpop Nov 19, 2017
As in the food 'afghan' because I was confused for a moment, I'm Afghan and I was like what??
confusedfreya confusedfreya Nov 02, 2015
Was that when he left with Klaus and threw darts at Ray the werewolf
poseytive poseytive Jun 15, 2015
kol omg I'm so excited ! But seriously this sorry sounds amazing