Akashi (Name)  [Akashi x Reader x Kuroko]

Akashi (Name) [Akashi x Reader x Kuroko]

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Araki_Arata By Araki_Arata Completed

After being rejected quite bluntly by Kuroko Tetsuya, (Surname) (Name)'s family is caught in an terrible incident.
Akashi Seijuro, just happens to be near, and (Name) is adopted into the Akashi family.

(Name) quits junior high school, and for the next two years becames a famous calligrapher, until Akashi Masaomi forces (Name) to attend high school.
Funny thing is, the whole world (except the GoM) thinks (Name) is a guy....

"You shall not defy the emperor."

This story has been discontinued since the 5th day, of the 10th month of 2015, sorry readers.
~Araki Arata

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Putaemin Putaemin Apr 22
And he gonna fùck her on that same expensive seat right now
Putaemin Putaemin Apr 22
And the scissors just come out of no where? Why do I feel like Haruhi
Putaemin Putaemin Apr 22
When you're getting Ciel Phantomhive vibes from reading this
It's cool and creepy at the same time😅😅😅
                              Gold and Gray LOL
Sorry ! Sorry! Sorry! I'll buy your favorite vanilla instead!!
Putaemin Putaemin Apr 22
*Gets down on one knee, places one hand on my chest and the other behind my back* yes, my lord.