The Real Me (A CraftBattleDuty/Sidemen Fan Fiction)

The Real Me (A CraftBattleDuty/Sidemen Fan Fiction)

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"Tough times never last, but tough people do."

_________Scarlett Price_________

She was different. She was a Nobody that didn't belong in this world, well, that's what they all told her. So she moved away, away from the bullies, away from their hatred words, hoping, praying that there was someone out there that cared.

Bruised and scarred Scarlett left with a suitcase of clothes and her trusty camera, there was no one she would miss here, and no one would miss her.

 One day, while searching for a job she  bumped into a tall stranger and everything changed

_______ Lachlan Power__________

Living in Montreal all his life, Lachlan was a very successful Gamer who could live off his earnings from his Youtube channel, he loved his fans and friends. He had a great life, or so everyone thought, but nobody knew what his life was like off screen.

Walking through the streets to clear his head one day Lachlan bumps into Scarlett, maybe that was the push he needed to make everything better again.....