UnTold BegiNnings

UnTold BegiNnings

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Bae once we graduate, what's going to happen with us? Your going to Florida state and I'm staying here in D.C , bae what are we going to do?jo asked 
What you mean? We gone still be together, I'm not going no where jonica you got my heart girl , your my one and only I said
She just smiled and layed on my chest 

Later that day 


Titi grandma wants you massiah said 
Alright I'm coming I responded trying to get out of dae arms with out waking her up but I failed bae where you going ?she asked
Ma wants me I'll be right back , she just turned over , 
I got up and walked downstairs and seen my grandma and aunt and few cousins , they all looked at me funny untill I realized I was only in my boxers , I went back upstairs and put on a pair of dae joggers and then woke her up "baee get up my family here " she groaned and got up  "nice pants " she said with a smirk yeah you got good taste but come on . she got out of bed and slid on a pair of shorts and we headed downstairs.

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itsabbeyamor itsabbeyamor Sep 15, 2015
I will get back to reading this when you made the necessary adjustments. "what? serenity, my grandchild is only seventeen, what do you mean she's getting married!" granny snapped, scared.
itsabbeyamor itsabbeyamor Sep 15, 2015
open and close quotation marks to mark dialogue. and space so it doesn't look unedited and jumbled. plus the chapter would be longer with those
itsabbeyamor itsabbeyamor Sep 15, 2015
don't switch P o.v in the middle of a chapter.. .I will be reading thus though
MyHeartIsHers_143 MyHeartIsHers_143 Apr 07, 2015
Thats Exactly how my grandma reacted when i told her I was Gay  .