UnTold BegiNnings

UnTold BegiNnings

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Bae once we graduate, what's going to happen with us? Your going to Florida state and I'm staying here in D.C , bae what are we going to do?jo asked 
What you mean? We gone still be together, I'm not going no where jonica you got my heart girl , your my one and only I said
She just smiled and layed on my chest 

Later that day 


Titi grandma wants you massiah said 
Alright I'm coming I responded trying to get out of dae arms with out waking her up but I failed bae where you going ?she asked
Ma wants me I'll be right back , she just turned over , 
I got up and walked downstairs and seen my grandma and aunt and few cousins , they all looked at me funny untill I realized I was only in my boxers , I went back upstairs and put on a pair of dae joggers and then woke her up "baee get up my family here " she groaned and got up  "nice pants " she said with a smirk yeah you got good taste but come on . she got out of bed and slid on a pair of shorts and we headed downstairs.

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