Daryl Dixon's daughter

Daryl Dixon's daughter

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Thalia Dixon- A girl that has seen it all. She has lost her mother when she was nine. She was split from her father and uncle when the dead overtook the living. She watched helplessly as the dead tore her boyfriend to pieces. Drifting aimlessly before settling in The School, she constantly tries to forget the troubled past wrongly bestowed upon her. That is, of course, until a group of people arrive at the gates and her life changes.

But for better or worse?

A/N I actually have no idea where this is going. I just follow what I want to do on that day. Haha sorry!

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Most of the fan girls here,  if they owned TWD, most guys would have their shirts off 😂😂
Killjoy404 Killjoy404 Feb 14, 2017
1. I love this chapter!
                              2. Your profile picture. I'll just go cry...
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*Trying not to spit out my my food makes weird noise instead*
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Oh.... it's gonna be one of those stories.... okay *ding*
                              CinemaSins anyone?
actually-satan actually-satan Oct 28, 2016
No one.... can make..... THIS MAN CRY! PINK IS MANLY!
                              I can just imagine Daryl having a tea party with a little girl at a princess table someone plz draw this
DannyTheDingo DannyTheDingo Jul 09, 2015
actually 'an generator' is incorrect because you only use 'an' when the word begins with a vowel,and you only use 'a' in front of consonants.