Just Breathe [Camren]

Just Breathe [Camren]

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ItsCamiz By ItsCamiz Updated Sep 04, 2016

Lauren is the popular girl in the school. 

Camila is the new student, moved to Miami from New York and didn't want to have new friends. 


Sdjjdndkd Camila is so hot and cute how she's an artwork and I may triggered
Mmk gurl o3o tho to me having a vag is one of the main things to prove a girl a female otherwises feels like a straight story
Where's the petition to make every school like this? *signs it * realizes it will never happen because of the new president
While everyone over here tripping about the whole Spanish part, I am over here tripping over the part I just read, instead of reading as my mom kissed my forehead and walked out, I read as my mom kicked my forehead and walked out. I guess that cure for sleep 😂
I chocked on air but I'm glad we dont have to worry about Dorito eating anyone else's chips.....badum tss
Sometimes I really wonder if fans ever call her Karla just to get a response cause my petty ass 👏🏽