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Dear My Sanity (A Jeff the Killer Story)

Dear My Sanity (A Jeff the Killer Story)

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Silver By XxsilverlollipopXD Completed


"Why?" she asks suddenly.

I tilt my head to the side. "Why what?"

She looks at me, her eyes still red from earlier. "Why did you bring me here? I mean, why me? What did I do?" she asks, on the verge of tears again, though she doesn't look away.

"You killed two people. And..." I stall right here. "I think you'll be a good partner." I whisper, slightly hoping she didn't hear me.

She looks away from me, wiping her eyes. "Partner? As in, killing?" she asks, her voice quivering.

Almost involuntarily, my lips pull into a smile. "Yes," Then, I look away and say, "I never thought I would have a partner . . . Until I saw you kill."

She looks at me and I meet her eyes again. I just can't look away from her hypnotizing eyes.


A huge thank you to @horrorscope- for the amazing cover.

Plus I live in the middle of a national park so, TREES FOR DAYS, YEARS, DECADES, CENTURIES
Jeffy pooh, havent seen u in this neck of woods before, come here often to slice someone up?
I read, Slender pokes me right in the crest with a tentacle, then I thought of a butt hole in the shape of a crest, 😷
me- "Oh my god, slendy is actually here?  SLENDYYYYYYYYYYY COME OUT HOME BOI, HOME SLICE"
1- I'd be like " I FLIPPIN KNEW U WERE REAL"
                              2- Scream my head off, while trying to, in return, stab you with my knife I sleep with
                              3- Ask him if we can work together and if I can meet the whole gang before I die
This is going way to far...
                              My dirty mind cant hold it anymore