Dear My Sanity (A Jeff the Killer Story)

Dear My Sanity (A Jeff the Killer Story)

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"Why?" she asks suddenly.

I tilt my head to the side. "Why what?"

She looks at me, her eyes still red from earlier. "Why did you bring me here? I mean, why me? What did I do?" she asks, on the verge of tears again, though she doesn't look away.

"You killed two people. And..." I stall right here. "I think you'll be a good partner." I whisper, slightly hoping she didn't hear me.

She looks away from me, wiping her eyes. "Partner? As in, killing?" she asks, her voice quivering.

Almost involuntarily, my lips pull into a smile. "Yes," Then, I look away and say, "I never thought I would have a partner . . . Until I saw you kill."


A huge thank you to @horrorscope- for the amazing cover.

I have Blue eyes and dark hair, Like Jeff.
                              It is kinda uncommon due to Blue (and green) being a recessive gene and brown almost always being dominant. so for me to have dominant brown hair, and recessive blue eyes  is kinda something that makes me feel Unique.
MCandyLuver MCandyLuver Jul 22
... the thumping is from ur door is caused by her... oh my god DIRTY MIND LEVEL 50
                              ... I'm the one banging on ur window... DIRTY MIND LEVEL OVER 9000
WAIT! Before you kill me the money is hidden in the-
                              *Gets killed
But if you kill me................
                              Tell Jane to back off.
Why didn't he kill her? How could it be "suspicious"? Obviously he would have killed her because she saw everything. No other reason.
Any normal person: *screams bloody murder and calls police*
                              Me: JEFFY! WAZZUP BABY?!