Dear My Sanity (A Jeff the Killer Story)

Dear My Sanity (A Jeff the Killer Story)

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"Look at your hands. Their blood is on your hands."

Jamie stares at her blood covered hands. She clenches her jaw, a muffled scream coming from her. I let her scream but I look around, knowing the police would come soon. If she wants to avoid being caught, she needs to get over her little crisis already.

"Get up," I say quickly, going over and grabbing onto her arm to pull her up. "Come on, the police will be coming soon. You're not going to jail."

She struggles against me, screaming, "No! You're going to kill me if I go with you."

"This all can be erased," I insisted. The wailing of sirens tells me I need to convince her quickly.  

Jamie pauses, thinking hard. "Fine," she says. "Let's go then."

I say no more as I run. She picks up my pace and follows me as I lead her away from her first murders and into her new life. I think it's one she'll fit well into. 
A huge thank you to @horrorscope- for the amazing cover.

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Me too let's begin with the staby staby cuty cuty knify knify thimgs now jeff
Omg the nostalgia here, I read this book a long time ago and TO THIS DAY the Dear My Sanity series is STILL my favorite set of books EVER.
YES I BELIEVE I N YOU JEFF I LOVE YOU (I'm not completely crazy it's okay)
I believe in ALL OF YOU  every single one because I know that you ALL sre real and I WILL FIND EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU CREEPYPASTAS IF IT Literally KILL ME I WILL FIND YOU ALL
Okay daddy be my guest I'm ready to be pretty and very very dead
Okay um. I'm going to take a chance and continue reading... I hope I don't run into anything bad 💀