Wolves of Entertainment

Wolves of Entertainment

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Ismael Zuniga By ATellingMind Completed

~A Former Wattpad Featured Story~

After a night of drinks and fun at a bachelor party, Ricardo Gonzalez and six others find themselves stuck inside an abandoned hospital the morning after. Having little to no memory of the events from the previous night, he wakes up confused inside a locked room. A short moment later a voice from a radio emerges, informing him and the others of their current situation. On the wall is a list of rules written in red, and the rules talk of two wolves among the group.
The participants are being forced to play a sick variation of the party game called 'Mafia.' In order to survive, the rest must find out the identity of the two wolves and kill them before they do. Only one side may remain, and only death awaits the participants if the time limit is reached and there is no clear victor.

Will Ricardo have what it takes to survive this ordeal? If it comes down to it, will he have it in him to kill his own family?

- - -

[For those asking/assuming, this story has absolutely *nothing* to do with werewolves] This is my oldest work, and probably my worst one in terms of writing skill lol but please do enjoy it!

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