Serendipity | 1

Serendipity | 1

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serənˈdipitē/ (noun): The occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way.

"Girls are awful, that's why I'm not friends with them." - Sydney Barker. 

Seventeen year old Sydney Barker prefers to have guys as friends over girls. For her, girls are just too dramatic and problematic. Her five best friends, Walker, Bradley, Tanner, Mikey and Drew, have always been there or her, and she knows that they always will be. But in between her senior year of high school and personal problems, will one of those friends be there for her more so than the others? And in more than a friendly way? 

Sydney's never been the one for long overdrawn relationships, simply because the thought of being with someone for extended periods of time frighten her. As her friends like to say, she has severe commitment issues. But maybe, just maybe, if the right guy is their for her, Sydney can find it in her to get past her so called 'commitment issue'. 

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ninss__ ninss__ Jul 24
why does it keep telling me third party hosting to see the pics ?
^ it's probably gonna be bradley and i'm not gonna ship them bc i can't get over how nerdy his name sounds😂
starreh480 starreh480 Jul 26
My memory is the weirdest thing ever I'll remember something like this from when I was 5 but I can't remember what I ate for breakfast this morning
Kialou20 Kialou20 Aug 13
my parents give me money whenever i go out with my friends and then i never give them the extra money back so that's the only reason i have money😂
I'm 19 and a sophomore in college and I still live at home. My campus is far away so I'd rather take classes online and work full time, cause regular classes and apartments are hella expensive. Plus I got a car to pay apart from classes so my mom doesn't make me pay rent.
ninss__ ninss__ Jul 24
I've read other books by you and it says the same thing but for other books it doesn't say that ??