Serendipity | 1 | ✓

Serendipity | 1 | ✓

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serənˈdipitē/ (noun): The occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way.

"Girls are awful, that's why I'm not friends with them." - Sydney Barker. 

Seventeen year old Sydney Barker prefers to have guys as friends over girls. For her, girls are just too dramatic and problematic. Her five best friends, Walker, Bradley, Tanner, Mikey and Drew, have always been there or her, and she knows that they always will be. But in between her senior year of high school and personal problems, will one of those friends be there for her more so than the others? And in more than a friendly way? 

Sydney's never been the one for long overdrawn relationships, simply because the thought of being with someone for extended periods of time frighten her. As her friends like to say, she has severe commitment issues. But maybe, just maybe, if the right guy is their for her, Sydney can find it in her to get past her so called 'commitment issue'. 

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kbarr123 kbarr123 Dec 22, 2017
And boys are awful and horrible and mean. All humans are terrible
lilsies lilsies Dec 09, 2017
I'm pretty sure girls are happy about you not hanging out with them, considering you're calling them all awful and horrible...
victorialyx victorialyx Dec 30, 2017
my boyfriend is my profile picture and he doesn’t even know i exist
I might dislike my mom but I would never say that...would get slapped, spanked, grounded, and kicked out before I finished the word
mercinda mercinda Nov 30, 2017
My friend told her mum that she hopes she got struck by lightning. She’s black as well lol
kbarr123 kbarr123 Dec 26, 2017
“I’m not the type to judge people by their covers” 
                              *Also judges the entire female gender*