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What's your Price?

What's your Price?

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Alice By IvoryAuthor Completed

*Book 1 of the Lockstar Series*
         (Slowly editing)

Con artist. Mechanic. Thief. Illusionist. Hacker. Assassin. Interesting enough yet? No? Then how about this, my name is Aura Carter I used to go to college but that was before Lockstar came in. Lockstar is an organization that puts a price on people's heads and sells them. They are kind of like Ebay, oh and they want me because I'm a hacker.
 Still not interesting enough?
 The other people on the 'list' want my help to take them down. 
Still haven't got your attention?
 They need me to track down notorious assassin Valentin of the Lamour cult who is famed for killing his every target. They want his help in taking down Lockstar. 
Still haven't got you? 
Valentin is all for it but see's me as a liability that needs to be taken care of. 
Have I got your attention?

johnson890 johnson890 Jul 06, 2016
hello please write me here 
                               i would like to get to know you
tallun21 tallun21 Dec 17, 2015
I wonder what an assassin is worth 
                              Probably a lot seeing that a hacker is worth something close to the 200 million mark
chcarrie chcarrie Jun 07, 2015
Love the little post-it note to introduce the story!  Super creative way
nini1124 nini1124 Jan 29, 2015
yaaas girl (or boy lol idk) this story's going off to a GREAT start 
SoftAsFeathers SoftAsFeathers Jan 04, 2015
I've read all the way up to make your bid and I'm reading them again for ur first boom this is amazing
Temarisakura Temarisakura Sep 01, 2014
Scary, but definitely eye catching. I have to hand it to you, you will totally catch the readers attention with this.