Only The Strong Survive (Sequel to Survival)

Only The Strong Survive (Sequel to Survival)

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JELSA❄️ By Jelsa_Always Completed

It's been over a year since the dreadful day of which they kidnapped Elsa Arresnon. Everyone took it hard, others harder.
Then, in what seemed like a normal day, it happened. A phone call. The phone call they've been dreading to hear, that requires everyone to come down to the station where they've last been over a year ago. 
Just when they thought they made their peace with everything, it happened.

They found her.

They finally found Elsa.

And little did they know she has a surprise for them all.
What is to come? Is it all forgive and forget? Or will take more than just a sorry and hug to make up for the time loss and despair they've all gone and put through? Real question is, will it even be same as it was?

Read the sequel to 'Survival' and join Jack Frost, Rapunzel Corona, Hiccup Haddock, Merida DunBroch and other new characters, as they face the new obstacles that are thrown their way and deal with the responsibilities of growing up and the consequences of their own mistakes.