Too fast for you £ Toretto

Too fast for you £ Toretto

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 Chapter One; Introducing Natasha: 

"Let's run through the bases real quick. Who do we have?" Brian O'Connor asked Dominic and Mia Toretto as the three of them all stood on the balcony of a rundown hotel in Brazil.

"First we're going to need a chameleon. Someone who can blend in anywhere." Dom said. Han.

"What else?" Mia asked.

"A fast talker. Someone who could bullshit their way out of anything." Roman.

"I got that." Brian smiled.

"This guy is going to have a lot of surveillance We're going to need someone who's good with circuits." Mia said. Tej.

"And with those circuits, Reyes is going to have walls. We're going to need guys to punch through those walls." Dom added.

"What else?" Mia asked.

"Utilities and weapons. Someone who ain't afraid to throw down. Someone to back up every position." Giselle.

"Yeah, what else do we need?" Brian asked this time.

"Most importantly, we're going to need two precision drivers. Guys that don't crack under pressure. G...

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Ajla_Stilinski Ajla_Stilinski Dec 21, 2016
How funny is it that i just saw that movie hahaha 
                              Not like for the first time hahahha
KcTASTIC KcTASTIC Jul 09, 2016
The only thing I am gunna say is, DAYMN THAT ESCALATED FAST!!!!!
Hey, in Dutch and the correct translation is: ik wil graag iets slaan, misschien de muur. Of het hoofd van dat domme meisje
KcTASTIC KcTASTIC Jul 09, 2016
Something you wanna try,ok, well considering all you know about her is what you hear from Brian,who of course suddenly 'suggested' that you love her like he loves Mia, the OK
dimples__432 dimples__432 Jul 15, 2016
How do they fall in love that fast and they ain't even had a clear convo yet
winter-chrissy winter-chrissy Apr 13, 2016
Hello, i am Dutch and you write it wrong, its ik voel alsof ik iets kan slaan . sorry to pick up, but thought it letting you know ;)