Red Clouds  (Sasori x reader lemon)

Red Clouds (Sasori x reader lemon)

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Clara Butterworth By PrincessParanoia Completed

WARNING! It is recommended that you do not read this unless you are 18 years of age and/or okay with the mature (sexual) themes. Enjoy!

meekpizza meekpizza Sep 07
* holds up a sign * if you don't notice me senpai I'm gonna kill you
Transgender? But isn't Deidara actually a guy? Unlesss......HE'S A GIRL DISGUISED AS A GUY
Me:takes off glasses "oh hell no you won't be liking me when beat dat a**
Myrichelle Myrichelle Dec 26, 2015
Why should we hate you? You're good at making a lemon story... 😃 😳 😚 💋 ✌