The Broken

The Broken

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Prince Brice By cx_hello Completed

Cover by: @hershey-z

WARNING- involves curse words! Gory scenes, and fights are included!

{Book One}

Riley Summers, badass street fighter. She fights at an only men's fight club. That's the reason why she wears a cape with a hood to her fights.

Chase Gold, the tormentor of Riley. Little does he know is that she can literally knock him out within just a minute. 

But what happens when things aren't as they seem? What happens when they realize they are involved in some fucked up scheme? 

Completed/Not the final draft

RahJewelShanklin RahJewelShanklin Mar 08, 2016
Dnshedb! What? Where? In that small apartment she has a hidden gym!? If your that rich I'd skip school get a tutor and sit the SAT or ACT or final year exams. 
                              My gosh....what is her plan for sticking around then? Revenge... ?
girlwithfears2345 girlwithfears2345 Nov 30, 2016
Wait what it was 7:45 and school started at 8 grate shes late all ready
RahJewelShanklin RahJewelShanklin Mar 08, 2016
She has tatts to?! Pooh. You must explain what they look like later...
RahJewelShanklin RahJewelShanklin Mar 08, 2016
Star isn't a nice name to be called.... Because you know... Lady's of the night use it and  dancers do.   Unless she wants to be a flower child...
RahJewelShanklin RahJewelShanklin Mar 08, 2016
It was 7:45 when she got in there. If she took a 15 min one she is late already. Does she have magical powers?
TrisPotter64 TrisPotter64 Oct 23, 2016
Scratch tht i will DEFINETLY stack food in there with a lot of books