Not Just Friends (Dipper X Reader)

Not Just Friends (Dipper X Reader)

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You are new to gravity falls. Your going to be living with Mabel and Dipper. Your life starts to change drastically. But does it change for the better? Or for the Worse?

 Your name is Yn. Pronounced Yin. This is because I'm to lazy to write (Y/N) which means 'your names', and because when I read other fan-ficts and my mind autocorrected (Y/N) to Yn (yin). 

Oh, in the story Mabel and Dipper have only been at the mystery shack for 3 weeks but there not 12 like in the show. They are 15. Don't hate on it, or me. It's my first real story.

- btw I am in the middle of editing this -

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jbash2005 jbash2005 Oct 06, 2017
Nah its more like *knock knock kncok* hello!!?? (Thinks of sheldons knock) yeah like that
DestinyWillowWest DestinyWillowWest Mar 16, 2017
awww u dont love meeee y i am only insane and  laugh at horror movies
Divi_Chan_88 Divi_Chan_88 Jul 22, 2017
You can just detect the sarcasm straight away and i already love this book
dannythefannie dannythefannie May 05, 2017
I read "on a bus" and mentally screamed "JUMP OUT BEFORE YOU GET SMACKED WITH A BOOK" my school has ruined me
artsy_pirate artsy_pirate Aug 16, 2017
I love this because I'm an artist myself and cherish my drawings also
lukesseislove lukesseislove Feb 08, 2017
I feel a new meme conjuring up…
                              "I'M ON A BUS!"
                              Oh, lord, help me…