Is That True? (Maybe, it's not?)[COMPLETED]

Is That True? (Maybe, it's not?)[COMPLETED]

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LENA By LenaJoachimsthaler Completed

Created, October 2012-February 2013. [COMPLETED]


This story is surrealistic but realistic at the same time. How true is your feeling? Maybe, you are just enclosed to a ... dream ... or you wish you're not fantasizing at all ...

A story of a two men who fell in love with each other ...

But, it was just gone to be like a Daydream Interlude.

"Well, it is just a fantasy ... 'cause it is surreal."

And realistic because ...

"Everything happens unexpectedly."

Enjoy reading everyone! :))

Feel free to comment and suggest.

Also, feel free to vote.

LenaJoachimsthaler. Copyright 2012, 2013.

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LenaJoachimsthaler LenaJoachimsthaler Mar 24, 2013
@JRFabale Yeah, sure! Ano naman ang itatanong mo? About what?
LenaJoachimsthaler LenaJoachimsthaler Mar 23, 2013
@SuperRemuel At the author's note kasi, I promised to dedicate a part to those who put my story to their RLs. It so happened that you are among the firsts to put this story so I choose a chapter to dedicate to you, which is the first chapter. :)
LenaJoachimsthaler LenaJoachimsthaler Mar 22, 2013
@SuperRemuel You're welcome! :)) And enjoy the rest of the story. :)
RemuelFabale RemuelFabale Mar 22, 2013
Waaaaaaah! Thank you po at sa akin niyo ito dinededicate. :)))) *o*
LenaJoachimsthaler LenaJoachimsthaler Jan 04, 2013
@DakilangCute Actually ... fuller na ang imagination ko while writing. Sa tingin ko na naman na it reflects on what I do in a daily basis ... Kaya parang truthful ang pagkakasulat ko.
LenaJoachimsthaler LenaJoachimsthaler Jan 04, 2013
@DakilangCute The same way on what I feel. HAHA! Pero ... talagang magugulat ka na lang sa succeeding parts! Thanks! :)