He's My Boss

He's My Boss

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Vanessa's POV

*Ring ring ring ring*

My phone buzzed as it woke me up. I checked the clock what time it is and it's only 5:00 in the morning, and I know who it is that is calling me this early.

"Mom?" I said as I answer the phone.

"Hey sweetie! Good morning! Rise and shine!!!" she cheered.

"Good morning to you too, mom." I giggled at her good morning greeting.

"Well good morning to you too! Now, get up and fix yourself! This is the big day! Dad and I will see you later! Be pretty!" and she hang the phone.

Wow! Mom and her high vibes. That'll start my day. I did what I was told and stood up then head straight to the bathroom. Maybe you're thinking what big day this is, well fortunately, this is the day that we'll be opening our new building here at London. This will be the main building instead of the one back in America. We used to live there but mom wanted a new life to start and her dream was to live here in London. So dad granted her wish and stayed here for good. This is wher...

Trust gone missing house on fire (i know there’s to many ring but idc)
I'm reading with my sister and she skipped this part. Her lazy ass!!! OWW!!!!!! She just hit me!!!!
I love this already, especially the interior design part, Vanessa said if she wasn't an actress she wanted to be an interior designer
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