My Queen(sequel to My King

My Queen(sequel to My King

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Modern time

This happened 1 year later
When 18 year old Elsa left for America,19 year old Jack try to find her but he can't.He became a cold hearted King,he work out everyday,he talk to the moon every night and he randomly throw people in to the dungeon.

While Elsa become a pop star,
She still miss Jack
But she know she can't go back there 
Because she heard Jack is a cold hearted King now 

One night when Elsa going to Arendelle to sing,Jack go to hers concert and see his Queen
Can they still be together?or Will Elsa say no?Will Jack force her to go to the castle?or she will come willing 
Can Elsa change him?
*read the first one"My King"

  • anna
  • arendelle
  • coldhearted
  • dragons
  • elsa
  • icepowers
  • jack
  • jelsa
  • king
  • kristoff
  • love
  • manny
  • moon
  • olaf
  • queen