Nothing but dreams ( A Dramione Fanfiction)

Nothing but dreams ( A Dramione Fanfiction)

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Jolien By MoonlightRose1992 Completed

She keeps telling herself that she hates him with every fiber in her body. But when she starts to lose her focus and her mind drifts off...her dreams tell her otherwise

A big thank you for @Dombev and @GirlInThePhoto, you both did an amazing job with the covers !

This story is being beta'd by WisteriaMoon

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he_whomustnotbenamed he_whomustnotbenamed Apr 17, 2017
ik you all are crying for my untimely death but you gotta blame Potter
SlytherpuffCookie SlytherpuffCookie May 04, 2017
Hmm... Is it Blaise? 😂😂 no? Ok so it must be.... DRACO!!!!
Nomelkaek Nomelkaek Dec 04, 2017
Ahhhh memories... i especially luv that one memory wjen hermione got punched😂😂😂
Nomelkaek Nomelkaek Dec 04, 2017
Oh thank goodness (sorry people but i really dont like the idea of romione getting in the way of dramione...)
https-yoongi https-yoongi Jul 13, 2017
Fred is... ALIVE!!!!! Woooooo LETS CELEBRATE 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉
gilmoreboiz gilmoreboiz Feb 19, 2018
Hmmm I wonder it obviously not draco Malfoy so I guess there isn’t one this year