Nothing but dreams ( A Dramione Fanfiction)

Nothing but dreams ( A Dramione Fanfiction)

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Jolien By MoonlightRose1992 Completed

She keeps telling herself that she hates him with every fiber in her body. But when she starts to lose her focus and her mind drifts off...her dreams tell her otherwise

A big thank you for @Dombev and @GirlInThePhoto, you both did an amazing job with the covers !

This story is being beta'd by WisteriaMoon

snowflake336 snowflake336 Aug 23, 2016
If u don't hv Harry Potter enojies and want them to use them here Ϟ 9¾ ⚯͛ △⃒⃘
ADauntlessSlytherin ADauntlessSlytherin Apr 09, 2016
                              I WROTE 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRED AND FORGE!!!!!!!!!' On all my papers on April, 1. Only one of my teachers got it. And then I almost started crying remembering Fred. I'm sad now
Hermionextano Hermionextano Mar 30, 2016
And I though my mix tape was fire. Then I saw that video....
t-dog188 t-dog188 Aug 17, 2016
Personally I would still be pissed even if I had been thinking that I only loved him like a brother! I mean, her cheated on her!
childofknowlege childofknowlege Aug 21, 2016
oh yes i didn't die young, thank u , i fred weasly, took a test
RainbowMustache22 RainbowMustache22 Mar 28, 2016
You are my new best friend. You have brought the miracle of Fred upon us all.