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My Assassin Boyfriend [a Killua Love Story] [3rd Place HxH Watty Award]

My Assassin Boyfriend [a Killua Love Story] [3rd Place HxH Watty Award]

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Everybody's Nobody By TomboyTrouble Updated 4 days ago

~ 3rd Place for Hunter X Hunter Watty [Killua] ~

Rated T for Teen

Warning: Spoilers for the show

Yuki Sazuki was an average, everyday school girl, until one day, an encounter with a strange, mysterious boy changed her life forever. Will she be able to keep up with her life as she is being pulled into a life  completely different from her own? Will Killua be able to tell Yuki about his past, and if he does, would Yuki still want to be with him? A story of romance, drama, and tribulations, with a few lighthearted moments, based off of one of my favorite anime franchises.

A post HunterXHunter fan fiction. I do not own the characters or other content from the anime except my own original characters.

Cover made by @Golden_Darkness67

Started: 4/20/15

This child is Gon. And Gon is my spirit human so this child is me in a nutshell
bessttie bessttie Apr 08
Oh no! Don't leave her!!! Haven't you watched Attack on Titan! The main protagonist leave the mother then something awful happens to her!!!!
quick thing. if you werent sure about his last name its Zoldyck. (just incase anyone was wondering!
Rin isn't that smart so I'll go with Yukio... I feel like Rin wouldn't even be bothered for teaching he just wanna be praised
OMGimmortalCATS OMGimmortalCATS Nov 20, 2016
The only history I know is about the American Revolution because of Hamilton :^)
                              Well and the industrial revolution for some reason????
OMGimmortalCATS OMGimmortalCATS Nov 20, 2016
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