My Assassin Boyfriend [a Killua Love Story]

My Assassin Boyfriend [a Killua Love Story]

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Everybody's Nobody By TomboyTrouble Updated Oct 31

~ 3rd Place for Hunter X Hunter Watty [Killua] ~

Rated T for Teen

Warning: Spoilers for the show

Yuki Sazuki was an average, everyday school girl, until one day, an encounter with a strange, mysterious boy changed her life forever. Will she be able to keep up with her life as she is being pulled into a life  completely different from her own? Will Killua be able to tell Yuki about his past, and if he does, would Yuki still want to be with him? A story of romance, drama, and tribulations, with a few lighthearted moments, based off of one of my favorite anime franchises.

A post HunterXHunter fan fiction. I do not own the characters or other content from the anime except my own original characters.

Cover made by @Golden_Darkness67

Started: 4/20/15

Honestly me......I get good grades and I don't do anything all I do is watch anime and play video games 😂😊
The only history I know is about the American Revolution because of Hamilton :^)
                              Well and the industrial revolution for some reason????
                              SQUEEEEEE *fangirl screams*
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OH MY GOD WHERE'S RIN !!??!!!!!!(? I WANNA SEEEEEE 😫😍😫😍😫😍😫
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Kyaaahhhh!!! Uh oh! Why did she hit him??!! Ahahaha this is trouble
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Welp i kinda manage goodgrades (not all the time) but all i do is thnk about anime😂😂