Childish Tendencies (Lesbian Story) (Wattys2015) (EDITING)

Childish Tendencies (Lesbian Story) (Wattys2015) (EDITING)

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Falling in love with an unstable girl is never a good idea, especially if you have perfect grades, an exceptional resume, and a heart wrenchingly beautiful girlfriend. 

More so, if that unstable twenty year-old girl has tea parties, plays with soft toys, lives in a mental asylum and believes she's a five year old. 

Still, Alia Earl cannot help but fall for Mia Tres, a young girl with a horrifyingly unforgiving past and almost no future. 

Will Alia act on her crazy feelings? (No pun intended) 
Will she forgive Mia for her past mistakes when Mia cannot forgive herself?
Does Mia have the same feelings for her? 

Read on and let the story unravel around you.

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zarrianyrie zarrianyrie Sep 26
Ewww my counselor name used to be that 🙄🙄 I had to cuss that bitch out she keep getting attitudes with me and picking on me like damn leave tf alone wth
We're all like "Awww it's okay baby... it's okay Mia..." because we want to do the exact same thing.
noli_lolittle1 noli_lolittle1 Dec 05, 2016 comes the let-me-try-to-make-you-hate-my-girlfriend so that the other feelings will be justifiable
Nut_casexD Nut_casexD Mar 02
Um... I think the gf is controlling but hey that's just a theory A GAME THEORY!
Bae_is_near15 Bae_is_near15 Oct 20, 2016
so we're just going to ignore the fact that Alia pours her milk BEFORE her cereal?_?
ayeitsjohn ayeitsjohn Aug 17, 2016
That was my old guidance counselor's name, hated that bítch