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Zara By frozenrainfall Updated Dec 29, 2016

Moving to England after being kicked out of the house by his father had been easy for Hunter but fitting in? Now that was the hard part.

Bring in his sexy new step-brother who loves living on the wild side, as well as an adorable, cute waiter with an award winning smile and a clingy family friend, you get a hell lot of drama, discoveries and dilemmas. 


Disclaimer: contains dark themes, drug use, coarse language and boy x boy content

DeadlySnyper DeadlySnyper Aug 18, 2016
I believe in god , but i dont really follow the bible and all , but that verse get on my nerves so much . We follow a book that was written , and rewritten so many times , how do we know what is true and not true
norabuttercup norabuttercup Jun 12, 2016
Leave this blue neighborhood :) aww this chapter kinda reminds me of the song Wild (Troye Sivan) 💙
bluelishi bluelishi Aug 27, 2016
I Love that he looks realistic and not some top model :) It makes it easier to vizulize the story tbh 😊