Dear Teacher...

Dear Teacher...

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Jamie Lau By busybacon Updated Apr 24

Alfonso Saietta recently moved into town. He wanted to keep a low profile from his ex-wife and put his son into a more, well, calming environment. He wanted his son to grow up normal, away from the drama and violent ways of having a mafia boss as a father. He could relax and get away from his responsibility for a while, and his son Gio could have a normal childhood, right?

Wrong. This wouldn't be a story worth posting on Wattpad if it were to stay that way.

On the first day of his son's  new kindergarten, the mafia boss stumbled into the most beautiful and angelic man, asleep on the classroom floor. That man turned out to be Gio's teacher, Luca Serrata, who was too flustered with work to even notice the awkward flirting and cheesy pick up lines from Al. 

A love story filled with terrible jokes, a crazy mafia family and an even crazier ex wife. 

Whew. Not so normal anymore, huh? 


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  • gay
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Part-time-ghoul Part-time-ghoul Apr 01, 2017
Wow, and I can barely even speak my native language.  What language do you speak, may I ask?
Damn kid. Even i could cout up to ten 😂. But i At least know my ABD's
Baeonedirection2004 Baeonedirection2004 May 13, 2017
English is my 1st  I speak fluent russian,Germany,arabic,french
That's what I thought but here I am in highschool getting straight Cs.
Yinying128 Yinying128 Jan 09, 2017
                              Other Person; "Those are awesome fan fictions"
                              Me; NOOOOOOOOOOO 
                              (Get the reference??)
hentaianimemaniac101 hentaianimemaniac101 Jan 11, 2017
or a papi~
                              ok papa way too fast and it sounded like "puppy" XD