The Royal Breeding - The Royal Mate Series Book One

The Royal Breeding - The Royal Mate Series Book One

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Brier By DeathAwaitsYou Completed

Their coming... the werewolves have made a recent discovery; humans bred with a dominate werewolf can produce full blooded offspring. Once they found the reason they decided to spread and what better place than one of the most over populated countries in the world? The United States of America.

The humans aren't going to back down...they'll fight even if it means death. however they don't know the true weakness to a werewolf, it's not silver. It's Sylver Bane. a very rare mineral that is only detectable by werewolves and can't be touched by anyone but Vampires or it will burn your skin. Without it the human fell prey to the lustful plans of the werewolves.

Who can save them? A lone organization of ex-military who named themselves, The Wolves. Every member specializes in killing werewolves and recapturing enslaved humans from the Breeding Auctions.

Now meet Zyra. A young female caught up in all of it. Shes' the humans only hope right now. Once she trained with The Wolves she found a secret that no one can know. Shes' half Werewolf half human with a nasty temper for her wolf side. Shes' seen what the beasts can do and wants no part of it.

Gone Lone Wolf on The Wolves she takes up the name Rouge and drops all ties to the people she knows. However she didn't expect to become trapped and forced to become The Wer King's breeding bitch. Trying as hard as she can to escape almost all of her efforts are halted when she becomes pupped. She has a choice. Leave the protection of Jace and his castle so she can regain her freedom or run and endanger not only her life but that of her unborn pups' life too.

Which will you choose Zyra?
The clock is ticking...

IryshLily IryshLily Jul 02, 2017
This is a nice start, captures the attention.  You should get it edited and it'll be awesome
CLARKSTON_16 CLARKSTON_16 Apr 16, 2016
About this being part one of a series, do the other books continue with this story or do they start a whole new story plot per book?
R0salyn_45 R0salyn_45 Jun 25, 2016
I love how this massive amount of action justs slams you in the face on the first chapter! It really pulls you in. So far, I'm loving it so thanks for sharing!!
DeathAwaitsYou DeathAwaitsYou Jun 12, 2013
@Lady0fthelake  it's okay! You can tell me it sucked. The old one had the good idea but the bad writing skills of me.
Lady0fthelake Lady0fthelake Jun 12, 2013
Oh gosh not that the other version was bad, this really is just better...