Trust (Akashi x OC) [HEAVY EDITING]

Trust (Akashi x OC) [HEAVY EDITING]

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>Trust only exists to not exist.<

-Chikato Akemi

(Akashi x OC)

Kuroko no Baskets doesn't belong to me, but the plot and the OCs are mine.

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Anime_Is_Life_Boi Anime_Is_Life_Boi Aug 20, 2017
Maybe he had an accident amd forgot his dignity at the hotel XD
Anime_Is_Life_Boi Anime_Is_Life_Boi Aug 20, 2017
I wish i had a made so that my mom will not boss me around and so that i can have my own privacy....
ThatCryingSmile ThatCryingSmile Jan 07, 2017
Hi! I'm No One...just a little mortal who is just a dust for this big universe. I may be not worth enough to trust, but... Can we be friends?
lupiusmoon lupiusmoon Apr 15, 2016
(sings in Telephone tune)im on a quicksand trying to hold on, but then theres nothing to hold on
                              why does this have to be deep af, i never seems to get the answers
Polyy_Nix Polyy_Nix Mar 18, 2016
It's where his brain is being kept. 
                              It wasn't anywhere in the first place.
lupiusmoon lupiusmoon Apr 15, 2016
*imagines Akashi with that chair that spins with a white cat named Yukimaru on his lap*
                              Akashi: *spins the chair just as the door opens* *is stroking the cat's fur while his other leg is... idk, its like how Levi does it lmao* Hello. It's me.
                              (This is actually what went in my mind, idek hehe)