His Queen

His Queen

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krislegg21 By krislegg21 Updated Jun 02, 2016

He is the King of the small but rich exotic country of Perland. 

She is just a sweet innocent maid trying to pave her way through life.

He was expected to find a Queen, one born of royalty, money and power. Never a firm believer in love, Stefan had no problem with the conditions. All he required was that it was done in his own time and that it be with someone intelligent and one who he can respect. What really mattered to him was being a good leader for his people. Suddenly, everything he knew, everything he was sure of fell out the window and simply floated away. The cause? 


Maira was blown away by the King's attention but she tried to refuse his advances. Repeatedly. Like really, he was the darn King, what would he want with plain ole' her? She was just a maid- a proud one at that-with no qualification to engage in such a relationship. With his charm, his beauty and the MAN he was, she let him sweep her off her feet and she gave into the oh so sweet temptation. Sin had never tasted so good... Well she had said she tried. Repeatedly.

Their love is strong, bound together by truth, faith, and commitment. It's a love greater and more precious than time. 

However, their union is frowned upon- almost forbidden- and there are those who wish to see such union destroyed... by any means necessary. 

What happens when tragedy strikes? 

Will the King have his Queen?

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