What You Want Most || A Pirates of the Caribbean Love Story

What You Want Most || A Pirates of the Caribbean Love Story

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🥀⚔️ By bringmethehuntsmxn Updated Sep 02, 2018

Helena wants more to her life than being a lady. She wants adventure. One day, in Port Royal, Captain Jack Sparrow catches her eye. He whisks her away to the adventure she'd always longed for. Helena soon meets a boy on the ship. Will Helena stay with the mysterious boy? Will she find her parents? Will she and Jack stay together? 

I do not own Pirates of the Caribbean or any of the characters expect for Helena, Rafe, and Commodore Darcey.
Oh, and Sideburns. Good old Sideburns.


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HendrixBarnes HendrixBarnes Jun 27, 2017
literally in every story the mom is dead😐the little mermaid, beauty and the beast, pocahontas, cinderella, lelo and stitch, bambi, the jungle book, tarzan and literally all the lost boys in neverland😐
Hannah_L180 Hannah_L180 Sep 07, 2017
Every time it says Helena I just know it's going to remind me of Helena Bonham Carter 😂
Reader1099book Reader1099book Feb 22, 2016
In love with this book!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please have a look at mine would be really grateful ❤️❤️❤️
BubblySnowflakes BubblySnowflakes Jun 10, 2015
omg plzzzz update this sounds like the start of an amazing story
Nerdy_Novelist-017 Nerdy_Novelist-017 May 30, 2015
Wow! I love it but I need more! Please update your amazing story! 
anthrophobias anthrophobias Apr 04, 2015
Hi FrozenPirate! It's -DreamyDisneyComics- I love your books they are AMAZING!!