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A Hero's Story

A Hero's Story

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Kalypso Astraea Artemis Katasaros By HuntressKalypso Updated Jan 23

"Hey, what's your name by the way? I didn't quite catch it." 
	Percy stared at the blonde-haired man, narrowing his eyes. He pondered whether he should tell his name or not, but he conceded, thinking it was just one harmless man. 'What harm can telling one guy my name be?' "It's because I didn't throw it, Muscles. But, if you must know, it's Percy. Percy Jackson." 
      Never before was Percy so incredibly wrong. After the Giant War and losing all his friends, Percy has been suffering through inner turmoil and will continue to do so, forever wanting that normal life he has been reaching for. However, meeting one person will change Percy's life for the worse (maybe the best...if he's a masochist) by bringing more self-absorbed gods, a robot man who's secretly an asshat, more people who want to hunt him down, and a darker evil that seems more to protect than try to actively kill him. Though this may be, Percy soon gains what he looses; friends, and  a family. Not only that, Percy falls in love with another person. And this's not a girl. Join Percy Jackson in another ever-flowing adventure in "A Hero's Story!"

Things to Note:
- Main ship: Peter/Percy (because there is literally non of this ship and I like it.)
- Lots of bad language. Because of this, I changed the theme to mature, because I like to cuss a lot. Whatever, it's life. Don't judge me please. 
- Crossposted on Fanfiction
-Multiple Crossovers
-Character Deaths
-Triggering themes [i.e. depression, suicidal thoughts, bullying, etc]
- the LGBT+ themes(this shouldn't even be a warning or a note, others need to be more accepting.)

Dethkarma Dethkarma May 10
I agree with perce they don't deserve to have their hearts beat
@HuntressKalypso I think that you are a great writer! 👍🏻 Keep up the good work 😊 
susiej1118 susiej1118 Apr 27
I'm here crying and you come including Starbucks. That is a good author. Making the readers have a feels attack and cry then include some funny shít and make the sad non existent. You are an artist. Like no lie, I have a tear running down my cheek.
I think that your a great writer but next time go back over the story for mistakes there should be a second story also
yourlandlord yourlandlord Aug 31, 2016
Wht kind of cemetery is that. Like can Nico make a special cemetery for them or something? Annabeth is probably frowning at it right now
Hadesworld Hadesworld Oct 15, 2016
It wasn't worthless Percy *sobs* you got to be with her and the rest of your friends, *sobs harder* and that's the most worthiest of all things that life can give you Percy. *sobs* And I'm so sorry it ended this way, but cherish what you have and had! *cries and sobs*