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A trashy Galaxy Bunny By TheGalaxyBunny Updated Dec 17, 2015

Ok this is my first story, and it's about my Favorite FNAF ship...
Fonnie >//v//<  ...Bonnie and Foxy have always been best friends until the Bite of 87. After the terrible incident, Foxy was shut down and couldn't interact with anyone...will Bonnie and Foxy's relationship ever be the same? Find out in this story!!!

Anywhore, reeeeaaddd mmyyyy sttoorryyyy!
                              "Keep'n in the Cove"
                              It's about a grungy teenage Bonnie, and his depression issues, and how his sadist lover helps him through them, but breaks him repeatedly.
                              (Daily updates until finished.)
Um ok... I like how NO ONE  is commenting on this like wth.
                              Roses are red 
                              And roses are prickly
                              Might I just say
                              Holly hell that escalated quickly!
Im not hating or anything just trying to help with grammar (im a grammar nazi)
FandomsBrew FandomsBrew Nov 09, 2016
Oh no, I didn't need my feels at all. You can. Have them.  *definitely not crying*
LukkaTB LukkaTB Jul 20, 2016
Emmmmm... The bite of 87 ...
                              It wasn't foxy
                              It das mangle in the second pizzería sixth night (five nights at freddys 2)
                              Not in the third (F.N.A.F. 1)
BrendonUrie1987 BrendonUrie1987 Dec 31, 2015
I mean, I'm just starting to read this and I'm already hooked onto it!!!! XD its amazing!!! <3