Bad Boy

Bad Boy

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Bad boys and Good girls

"She caught my eye and I wanted her to be mine."

"He's a bad influence but I can't stay away."

Is Hayes going to get the girl he wants even though she's a good girl with strict parents and straight A's.....he hopes so. 

"What do you like yo do for fun."
"I like to vandalize shit."
"Of course you do."


Ok ok First it's Tate from AHS and now it's Carl from TWD OMG I WISH CAME TRUE!!
I've read this before but it's so good that I'm reading it again xD <3
02jaqfri19400 02jaqfri19400 Jul 25, 2016
Ok am kind of into oh who am I kidding I love history I would of done the battle of the Alamo
xxPrincessxxEllaxx xxPrincessxxEllaxx Sep 21, 2016
She can sit in Shawn's lap. Or I can jump through the screen, push her into Hayes' lap and sit on Shawn's.
Sniper_Chick02 Sniper_Chick02 Jun 28, 2016
Not to be rude but the punctuation and grammar need to be fixed in some parts of the story...
cherefrere26 cherefrere26 Dec 17, 2016
Girl, you just don't do that. Your gonna get raped by someone, especially at a party