Bad Boy

Bad Boy

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Hayeslol200 By Hayeslol200 Completed

Bad boys and Good girls

"She caught my eye and I wanted her to be mine."

"He's a bad influence but I can't stay away."

Is Hayes going to get the girl he wants even though she's a good girl with strict parents and straight A's.....he hopes so. 

"What do you like yo do for fun."
"I like to vandalize shit."
"Of course you do."


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You had to guess?    Bish I knew it was him the second he stepped out the house!
Leah_is_weird14 Leah_is_weird14 May 20, 2017
Ok ok First it's Tate from AHS and now it's Carl from TWD OMG I WISH CAME TRUE!!
chickenNuggetQueen05 chickenNuggetQueen05 Aug 23, 2017
Am I the only one that didn't only comment "TEZZZZZ" but actually screamed "TEEEEZZZZZZZZ" out loud😂
magcon9467800 magcon9467800 Dec 05, 2017
When I think of 8 year old I think of skylynn you know Nash and Hayes's sister.
smolsherri smolsherri Nov 10, 2017
I hate when teachers do something like that & u have too work with someone you dont like ughhh
its_all_about_mac its_all_about_mac Apr 18, 2017
I've read this before but it's so good that I'm reading it again xD <3