You're Mine Now!

You're Mine Now!

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SoulOutBreak By SoulOutBreak Completed

The First Book In The "Shhhhhhhh" Series.

He grabs my hair pulling me towards him.

He bends down and slowly whispers in my ear, "Its master to you,  and no you can never leave You're Mine Now!"


Sam Diamond is a 19 year old gay boy, with a dark past.

He lives alone and works in a club as a waiter. 

Lucifer Salvador is a 25 year old billionaire and mafia.

His feared everywhere he goes and he loves it. 

He doesn't care about anything or anyone. 

So what happens when he spots the cute little boy.

Walking home late at night all alone and decides that he wants him. 

Lucifer Salvador always gets what he wants when he wants and he wants this cutie right now! 


So im horrible at descriptions.

This book is :

• BDSM Book.
• Boyxboy Book.
• Contains Mature Content.
• For 18+ Readers
• Complete 

Thank you!

I hope you Enjoy my Book.


  • bdsm
  • bondage
  • boyxboy
  • guns
  • killing
  • mafia
  • relationship
  • selfharm
Phora_Tay Phora_Tay Aug 06, 2017
I don't know why laughed so hard at this, you must have been running backwards then decided to finally turn around
nenebenji nenebenji Jul 24, 2017
If only life could be like that 😥*sighs* ALL THE CHOCOLATE IN THE WORLD WOULD BE MINE!!! HAHAHA  *cackels like insane idiot*
I’m glad he doesn’t looking like a innocent 16 or 17 year old
babygirl_satan babygirl_satan 3 days ago
Right back at ya...... 
                              Same 😭😭😂😂😂😂😂😂😭😭😭
Angelstarforever Angelstarforever Nov 09, 2017
If I got what I wanted in a blink of an eye, I'd have all the kpop merch and sims 4 game packs in the world.
Darkflower40942 Darkflower40942 Jun 27, 2017
Why is dis in the warning,  like people gonna be like " ew love can't read dis anymore"