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I Wish | Rucas [COMPLETED]

I Wish | Rucas [COMPLETED]

46.7K Reads 1.7K Votes 18 Part Story
ren🌼 By jimin-hope Completed

Lucas Friar never meant to hurt Riley. He never meant to fall in love with her, either.

And when the universe threatens to pull them apart, will their friendship pull out? Will they be able to put aside their past and be as loving as their future allows them to be?

iluvmylife_ iluvmylife_ Jul 08, 2016
I'm soooo a Rucas they are the cutest couple ever 😁💕💑 YAYYY!!!!
basicallyjamiee basicallyjamiee Aug 03, 2016
rucas, joshaya & smarkle (I like things the way they are oops)
cupcakekitty30974 cupcakekitty30974 Jul 14, 2016
I said this to my friends when they were gonna tell the boy i like that i like him a lot and now me and him barely talk 😥😥
fandamoniums fandamoniums Jan 19, 2016
sometimes i forget that missy is a person that exists on gmw
kgirl1203 kgirl1203 Dec 26, 2015
That's awesome I play some tennis but there's not a team I can on till I'm in high school but I'm gonna tryout in high school that's awesome that you play competitively