Not Just A Baby Momma (Completed)

Not Just A Baby Momma (Completed)

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Dominique (Pic Above)

        damn where is that damn over night bag. i said to myself i had gotten off work and somehow the damn bag disappeared. this had all the makings of my mother writen all over it but she wasnt here nor was she answering her phone.

        "Daddy mommy" Serenity said as she followed behined me. my baby was two well just turned two and was a complete handful. 

        i had serenity when i was nineteen and a freshman in college. i at the time was in love with this nigga name Vegas. he was this big time nigga on the block and i was lucky that he saw something in me at the time and wanted to talk to me.

       it wasnt long before the good times between us turned into bullshit. he started cheating and couldnt keep his hands to himself. seemed like i was fighting a bitch every moment because they were  being smart at the mouth about their one nights with him.

        when i finally decided to leave him alone i found out i was two months pregnant. even though he...

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yungsavagenamebrii yungsavagenamebrii Jul 19, 2017
Fat chicken head ahh man I bet all she do is eat and answer phones oh wait th e only time she got up is for that photo
                               shoot in the mm 不不不
CaraMelanin CaraMelanin Jul 30, 2017
She so dumb she doesn't even know that her shirt is a damn insult.
ayyeeitzdanielle ayyeeitzdanielle Aug 02, 2017
His gf neeed to understand that his child comes first it's not like she's calling his phone to flirt with him
PamelaDuncan PamelaDuncan Mar 25, 2017
Y'all just judging her cause she the bad guy but in real life " Brittany" is beautiful.
PiimpcessBrii PiimpcessBrii Jun 12, 2016
No nigga thats foul cuz u moved on but she cant. My petty ass would have moved on n everything cuz he cheated on me
CarmelLahoney CarmelLahoney Jun 10, 2016
Oh this dude  got some nerve to questions here about what her plans are when he got the next female staying with him