Arranged Marriage with the Womanizer

Arranged Marriage with the Womanizer

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Normally his pants would, but this time his eyes bulged. 

"Arranged Marriage?!" 

Ever been in a situation where your parents have lost it and decided to suddenly force you to marry some dude who sleeps with the whole female population? Here's a spoiler, it's NOT at all pretty.

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purplesongbird purplesongbird Sep 18, 2017
I'm getting married!! And its not to Tyler Posey 
                              I don't accept
flowazh flowazh Jan 29
At first I was confused at all the comments but then I re-read  the sentance. Ya'll need Jesus and an ocean of holy water.
Hun I'm a demon. Better start treating women with respek or die.
panfelixforever panfelixforever Dec 09, 2017
i read that description as 'normally, there'd be a bulge in his pants.''
Robbie Pan........
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