Letters To Daddy

Letters To Daddy

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Alexis & Brianna By redair2 Updated Oct 31, 2016

An Erotic Series of Letters to her Daddy.


I give you permission to masterbate, but use your fingers right.


cutiebitforever cutiebitforever Jul 11, 2016
No you will not touch my phone you can kill me for all I care just don't touch the phone
hotdog6969696969 hotdog6969696969 Feb 28, 2016
I'm sorry I laughed so hard.  I read to much boyxboy stories, that am almost foreign to straight sex.
Taking my phone would be like taking who I am. I can't even go 1 hour with out my phone. I'd rather be whipped than have my phone taken. My phone is my life my soul my one true love 😂😂😂
beautifullyplain beautifullyplain Mar 11, 2016
Me: *is not religious*
                              Me: hOLY WATER! OG LoRD FORGIV e ME I HAV SinNED!
voidwolff voidwolff Jan 31, 2016
Ohhhhh no everyone it's -A from PLL FÜCK everyone hide 😂✋🏼
NANASTAR777 NANASTAR777 Mar 04, 2016
Is it bad that I think the worst one is taking away every electronic device