He's My Ruthless Billionaire

He's My Ruthless Billionaire

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Intro. Errin Blake.
Errin Blake, the CEO of Blake's Global Trades Co.Ltd. He's one of the most intimating young bachelor in the world of business.

He could bring down any company that he deemed fit to take over but all of the bad exterior is actually a soft interior which is only for the woman of his desire.

Stella Parlor.

Intro. Stella Parlor.
Stella Parlor, the shadow of Errin Blake but his back bone otherwise his PA. She's gorgeous, very shy and beautiful but she thinks she's too plain to even become noticed by anyone especially Errin.

And boy, was she wrong! What was in store for her, she definitely had it coming and what she didn't know couldn't hurt her.

Let's journey with Stella, Errin and their friends. Get upset, laugh, smile, say what the hell but enjoy the story every step of the way. And one thing is for sure... We don't know what's bound to happen.

He's My Ruthless Billionaire

Sounds like a couple more than PA and friends, how come they never get together? I hope they do soon
Doesn't sound like it, sounds like a beauty to me and Errin can agree with me on that
Sakura_Lve Sakura_Lve Dec 18, 2015
No way! Me I'm just black-brown hair and eyes (although the brown part can only be seen through the sunset)