Rejecting Me Will Bite You In The Ass

Rejecting Me Will Bite You In The Ass

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wari20283 By wari20283 Updated Oct 08, 2015

Here is a cliché story of a girl who gets rejected by the future Alpha... Or is it? Ehh... It probably Is. 

Alexandria Jacobs parents died when she was 5 from a rouge attack protecting her, every blamed her for their deaths. She didn't know why everyone in her pack blamed her, she couldn't do anything to help them, she was only 5!
Her parents were the Alpha and Luna of the Silvermoon pack, she WAS loved by all but that love was turned into hate quickly after that day... 

When her mate, Asher Black, rejects her she does what she never thought about, running away to join the marines. 
Once she gets out of war she joins the BloodMoon pack, the strongest pack in the world. She quickly becomes the best fighter in the pack and world, but her former pack doesn't know it's her because she looks completely different and goes by a different name. 
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A/N I'm not really good at writing descriptions so... Sorry!

😂😂😂 this book is gonna be awkward AF bc my little brothers name is Asher... Well awkwardness here i come xD
Part angle!! Wow u must love math and have mathematical powers! 😂
                              Sorry I found that funny...pls don't hate meeee😢
peony262 peony262 Nov 08, 2016
Once my name was used as the pack slut so I abandoned that fanfic
Mythical101 Mythical101 Sep 16, 2016
It's awesome how she doesn't just run off and joins a different pack and then they train her, she actually joins the Marines according to the blurb thingy-ma-bob!
Innocent_vixen_ Innocent_vixen_ Dec 09, 2016
i love your book beacause hello! its your book and because i have the same name as the main character yay!!!!!~
ReaperWitchDoctor ReaperWitchDoctor Jul 29, 2016
Hey! My name is Kayla! I hate it whenever I see that my name us in a story, even if its not referring to me...