ROTG and Frozen;movie time!

ROTG and Frozen;movie time!

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Jelsa_love_forever_ By Jelsa_love_forever_ Updated Mar 17

In this story, a Fan-girl named Natalie transports the Frozen cast and the Rise of the Guardian's cast all to one place for one reason; to watch their movies! The characters will see their lives from a different point of view and see others points of view and find out things they never knew before. Friends will be made, enemies as well. Plus, there might be a new couple who meets. 

Find out in this story!

(I did not make the cover)

MayShadow19 MayShadow19 Apr 14
I kinda feel bad for Pitch, not for Hans though, he doesn't really deserve my pity.
jelsa4 jelsa4 Apr 08
Okay nobody likes you Hans. Also on a totally unrelated topic, has anyone seen my katana blades, just curious
Anifan13 Anifan13 Apr 08
Me when I introduce my friends in a video:
                              "Hey guys Anifan13 here! And today I'm joined with Jack, Santa, Bunny, Sandy, Tooth.... And Jamie I guess..." XD
It's actually a kangaroo named Bunnymund, but rabbit works to an extent...
... a guy with silvery white hair... ha! That's Elsa's future Bea~ Jack
Totally legit reason for something. 
                              Me: Murders Hand and Pitch
                                  BECAUSE JELSA!!!