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Beautiful (A Nico Di Angelo love story)

Beautiful (A Nico Di Angelo love story)

28.2K Reads 812 Votes 12 Part Story
Tomboy By FREEWARRIOR Completed

I never wanted this to happen,I never wanted a life like this,my mother was drunken mess now she's gone,I never new my father.In tell now I learn the secrets of my life,my mother was killed,my father is a god.Apollo.The Greek Gods are real and they have kids named demigods,and I'm one of them.I have never had friends,I never felt love.But thanks to someone called Nico Di Angelo I know how that feels.

DigitalIceBlock DigitalIceBlock Aug 28, 2016
Os this always how everyone introduced themselves? Just makes me think of James Bond.
TheresWaldo TheresWaldo Jun 23, 2016
Nico is, by far, the most relatable character (for me) in the series
mayapopp mayapopp Jan 30
Me: Sweets for dinner sweets for breakfast sweets for lunch sweets for desert veges to hell.
DeppieG DeppieG Jul 05, 2016
It's a dam percy jackson thing… you wouldn't understand…!!!! Lol
ImaginativeNightOwl ImaginativeNightOwl Jul 09, 2016
Percy has jet black hair, in the books they that it's the ONLY way to describe it.
SavannaDiAngelo SavannaDiAngelo Oct 03, 2016
Apollo- Music,Healing, Archery, Oracle of Delphi, Prophecies, The Sun, and poetry. Twin to Artemis and son of Zeus. He was born in Delos,Greece and is father to Asclepius(Healing God) and many more but thats what came to my mind. This is actually what hes god of, son of, and father of