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Sabrina Noury By h0p3less-r0m4ntic Updated Sep 26, 2017

Gabi is a human who spends her time taking care of her little sister, Ella, while attending college. Her life hasn't been easy, with her parents death a year ago and raising a child. But what happens when Jason enters her life, kidnaps her and her sister, and she finds our his secret? More importantly, what will happen when he discovers her secret?

*May be swearing and other mature content

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  • fighting
  • human
  • kidnapping
  • mates
  • werewolf
CheshireCat615 CheshireCat615 Aug 20, 2017
I love this girl so much. Finally a character with common sense!
Blue-Eyed_RedRaven Blue-Eyed_RedRaven Sep 26, 2017
More accurately, he's probably drunk. Ya know how ole Mulls can get
Julez_Playez0306 Julez_Playez0306 Aug 11, 2017
Ok it's time, I'm about to spend the whole night just reading
PurpleAndGrammar PurpleAndGrammar Nov 05, 2017
So she has powers, amazing fighting skills. What next, a direct connection to the moon goddess? A 'rare white wolf'? I'm done with this crap...
Blue-Eyed_RedRaven Blue-Eyed_RedRaven Sep 26, 2017
Bodybuilders? *scoff* No way! It's Hercules Mulligan w/ Lauren's & Lafayette... duh!
DJ_Kittylover DJ_Kittylover Aug 05, 2017
She should've said that she had a girl that she needs to look after lol