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The Woods[Boyxboy]

The Woods[Boyxboy]

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CrowntheKingdom By Crownthekingdom Updated Jan 26

(Not very good) (very bad actually) 

"Max you better have your things packed! The moving truck is here and they need to load stuff on pronto!" my mom shouted. 

"Yeah whatever." I mumbled.

I was an only child, so I had a ton of crap. So packing was going to take more then a few days. She should at least give me credit, I'm putting a lot of effort in moving my things.

 I loved my house, I didn't want to move. I wanted to stay here, where I actually had friends. My friends weren't really popular and neither was I. My group was mad fun of a lot. We were called numerous names. Mostly me though, maybe because i'm gay.

Max Woods is the new kid to a small little town. He's mostly quiet and tries to keep to himself. He is trying to keep his darkest secret while trying to find out others. What would happen when he finds out some of the towns deepest secrets? When he finds out some secrets about himself? What would happen when he finds out a secret about the students? Read to find out guys.

(Contains boy on boy relationship, so you have been warned)

PandaQueen010203 PandaQueen010203 Nov 27, 2016
*has blonde hair and brown eyes*
                              Ima just pretend he's my kid and his mom that was fangirling over him is me
BxB_Andy_BVB_army BxB_Andy_BVB_army Sep 22, 2016
Lmao I've read so many BXBs that I didn't need to read the other paragraph to know he just came out to his mom. Is that bad?
zombie678 zombie678 2 days ago
reading is love reading is life "i cant beleave  i just said that"
Companion37 Companion37 Mar 11, 2016
Ummm.... I don't want to be rude never but I do want to help and point out that the kind of excepts there should be accepts... I'm sorry if you take offense I mean no harm
DeanthonyJones DeanthonyJones Oct 17, 2016
Please "normal" nobody is normal. People just push themselves in a category in hopes of being accepted.
gema54 gema54 Apr 03, 2016
Baby I was born this way!! Lol, sorry. It just suddenly came to me😅