i am a sex addict, so what?

i am a sex addict, so what?

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theBLACKmystery By theBLACKmystery Updated Jul 12, 2013


"ooohhh.. honey... fuck harder.. AaaaHHH!"

this girl moaned as i thrust my manhood deeper... mas binilisan ko pa at mas ibinaon sh*t i can feel na she's cumming as her walls contract so i decided to put her legs on my shoulder to deepen my thrust

"ooohh" i moaned and i grab her brea$t with my left hand and then i sped up...

i can feel na it's already buiding inside me

"AAAAHHH!!! we both screamed as we reached our climax

i know what you are thinking.. eh ano magagawa ko? ganito ako eh. i love sex.. no erase that, i'm addicted to it. so what? i'm a guy... i have my needs

i am known to be a cassanova, sleeping with different girls

"honey you're so good" she said as she touch my buddy and closed her eyes

i just smirked. yeah i know i'm so good.. and i am BIG



whoo first story since uso naman ngayon ang mga ganito sa watty, gusto ko lang itry

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sabihin niyo lang kung itutuloy ko pa to mga kababayan kong shreks

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